How we started

Antoni Espallargas Tejero, founder of Wine and Spirits Collection in 2014, is a passionate collector of vintage wines and spirits, who has managed to turn this passion into an exciting business. He started with the buying and selling of antiques and collectibles, a world that led him to find pieces with great historical value. Gradually, he specialized in spirits, creating a strong bond especially with Chartreuse, a French-origin beverage currently produced in Tarragona, the city where he resides.


His vocation is that of an antiquarian, a passion inherited from his father. Becoming a great connoisseur of the subject requires years of experience and passion for history, art, and culture. After so many years, in 2014, he experienced a fascinating change of vocation from a world of ancient and rare objects to the world of wines and spirits. There's an interesting connection. Both involve a deep historical and cultural knowledge, as well as an appreciation for quality.

Savor the Spirits: A Journey Through Vineyards and Distilleries

In every sip lies a story waiting to be savored, a journey through the rich landscapes of vineyards and the artistry of distilleries.

Wine&Spirits Collection

Crafting Unforgettable Moments, Honoring Heritage: Where the Rich Tapestry of History Intersects with Passionate Pursuits.


Antoni Espallargas Tejero, founder of Wine and Spirits Collection in 2014, is a passionate collector of vintage wines and spirits, who has turned this passion into an exciting business venture. He began his journey in buying and selling antiques and collectibles, delving into a world that led him to uncover pieces with significant historical value. Over time, his focus shifted towards spirits, particularly Chartreuse, a French-origin beverage produced in Tarragona, where he resides.

The story of Wine and Spirits Collection is rooted in Antoni's love for wines and spirits. Captivated by the history and allure of these beverages, he started exploring the realm of buying and selling related antiques. His quest led him to discover unique pieces, igniting a desire to share these gems with fellow enthusiasts and collectors.

As time progressed, Antoni dedicated himself to developing Wine and Spirits Collection, establishing strong connections with producers, distributors, and fellow collectors. His specialization in Chartreuse allowed him to excel in the world of rare and vintage spirits. His profound knowledge and appreciation for this beverage led him to forge close relationships with distilleries and acquire exceptional bottles, some considered genuine museum pieces.

Today, Wine and Spirits Collection is recognized as a reputable source for vintage and collectible wines and spirits. Antoni's vision of offering a unique experience to spirits enthusiasts has propelled the company's growth, attracting customers seeking unique pieces to enhance their collections or enjoy special moments.



In our vision of the online store for fine wine and spirits collections, we strive to become the preferred destination for enthusiasts and passionate collectors worldwide. We envision a virtual space where excellence, exclusivity, and authenticity merge to offer an unparalleled shopping experience. We see ourselves as a beacon of knowledge, where each bottle tells a unique story and each sip is an unforgettable experience. We aim not only to offer a carefully curated selection of the world's most prestigious wines and spirits but also to provide an educational environment where customers can explore, learn, and discover new treasures.

In summary, our vision is to be more than an online store: we aspire to be a reference destination for lovers of fine wine and spirits collections, offering an experience that goes beyond a simple commercial transaction and enriching the lives of our customers through discovery and shared passion.


Our mission is to guarantee the meticulous verification and authentication of each of our products. We are committed to conducting exhaustive research, collaborating with industry experts, and using advanced technologies to confirm the authenticity and quality of each item we offer. Through this commitment to integrity and transparency, we seek to provide our customers with absolute confidence in the authenticity of our products, thus establishing solid relationships based on reliability and excellence.