Federico Paternina gran reserva 60s (4 bottles)

Federico Paternina gran reserva 60s (4 bottles)


The price is for 4 units, if you want individual units it is also possible if you contact us by email

D.O./Zone: D.O.RIOJA
Country Spain
Type of wine: Red
Aging: With aging
Graduation (vol): 14%
Capacity: 75 cl


Founding year: 1896

Bodegas Paternina is the first large wine company in Rioja; the most influential, dynamic and economically powerful. Its origins date back to Eduardo de Paternina, father of Federico and Marquis of Terán, one of the precursors of modern viticulture in Rioja at the request of his close friend the Baron de Rothschild who years before had acquired Château Brane-Mouton.

In 1898 Federico de Paternina Josué acquired three wineries in the municipality of Ollauri and founded his own company. The beginnings were exciting and full of great successes. Paternina wines were recognized as the best in Spain. The entry of the Logroño banker Joaquín Herro de la Riva as the largest shareholder consolidated the privileged position of this legendary winery.

Some of the best wines made in Spain come from the old cellars of Ollauri. From the underground winepresses of the Conde de los Andes came what was for years the most exclusive Gran Reserva in Rioja. Paternina wines are unavoidable references for various generations of Spaniards.

Historical wines: Paternina “Cepa Sauternes” (white), Paternina “Cepa Rhin” (white), Paternina “Cepa Chablis” (White), Paternina Rhin Gran Reserva (white), Paternina Blanco Seco, Paternina Banda Dorada (white), Paternina Rinsol (white), Paternina Rosado 4º Año, Paternina Monte-Haro (white, semi-sweet, sweet), Paternina Banda Azul, Paternina Viña Vial, Paternina “Cepa Burgoña”, Paternina Gran Reserva, Conde de los Andes Gran Reserva.


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