Chartreuse Tarragona yellow 1973/1985

Chartreuse Tarragona yellow 1973/1985


chartreuse tarragona yellow liquor – – 40º  – manufacturing period 1973/1985.

buy chartreuse tarragona high-end liqueur most appreciated by sommeliers in luxury restaurants and the most sought after for liquor collectors

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A liquor with a great historical value produced by the Carthusian Fathers in Tarragona until 1989, although its beginnings were in France.

When the monks were expelled from France in 1903, they took away their secret and implanted a distillery in Tarragona and called it liquor: “Tarragona”.

The recipe has never been patented.  Only 3 monks know a third of the recipe, and it is transmitted from generation to generation.

The combination of their flavors are unique, as they say their many followers, who say that the longer the sip is kept in the mouth, more nuances of flavors are found.

Chartreuse from Tarragona are one of the most sought after and appreciated bottles for collectors in the world.

Why choose tarragona chartreuse?

– unmatched flavor: our liqueur offers a perfect blend of sweetness and herbal complexity
– history and tradition: with more than 400 years of history, Chartreuse Tarragona is a symbol of craftsmanship and quality
– Versatility: Enjoy it alone, in cocktails or as an ingredient in gourmet dishes to add a distinctive touch.

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